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California 108056
October 2018
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The entire base could use more TLC. Vandenburg appears to be a base supporting space missions which during these days may not be the highest priority. This is my assumption. There are a lot of abandoned and unused structures that probably had purpose in the past and the quantity of downed trees that lie around waiting to contribute to the always present fire risk seems unwise. The FamCamp is filled with long term stay active Airmen, Retirees and Contractors. Homesteading retirees seem placed at the more attractive pull through sites which include some shade, grass area and a fair amount of space between sites. The back-in sites are in two parking lots which wouldn't necessarily be bad, but the space between sites is only 2-3 feet. The back-in sites are way too close! If you are traveler and attempting to enjoy things to do in the area, this is a good campground to visit Solvang and Santa Barbara for about two or three nights. Wifi is available, but can be slow if you want to stream a movie. At times, I would use my Verizon hotspot and the coverage by Verizon was three bars of LTE. The bathrooms and laundry room were clean and adequate. I visited Vandenburg FamCamp in a motorhome and won't likely return. 
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