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California 117488
Mar 29-Mar 31, 2018
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Stayed this time for 3 days and I’m pretty sure this will be our last. The sites are very tight and hard to get into in some cases. We were again assigned to #62 even tough I have told the staff that this one isn’t very good for big rigs. Took a lot of jinking to back in our 40’ coach. When the slides are out on the street side you are butted right up against the hedge. Driving on the base has turned into a mess. The main gate is closed, the truck gate is only open as needed and the north gate is also closed. Everyone has to come through the Hospital Gate and maneuver around the very tight Jersey barriers the security forces have in place. A lot of folks don’t clean up after their pets and walk them trough the no pet area. The park no longer has Tengo internet and our Verizon signal was not very strong. There are a lot of homesteaders here. Some of the rigs in the park look like they haven’t been moved in a very long time. The price is right compared to the local area but I think we will go to the Dixon May Fair Campground from now on.
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