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Arkansas 80384
March 16-19 2017
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The ramp at exit 11 is a mess. There's a stop sign at the bottom where you must merge with traffic on the frontage road. That traffic has stop lights. When things are busy traffic backs up way onto the freeway. You have to wait for some kind soul to let you merge in. It may be better to get off at the Main St. exit and take Marshall Rd in. You will still be outside the gate. Once through security it's easy to find the famcamp. We were told there were at least 7 open spots but 2 of them are not very user friendly. They're sort of a "Y" shape with a shared driveway. If one site is full they'd have to move their vehicle to let you in. The first sites, including these, are relatively small and close together. The main area has good pull throughs up the center,most of which are taken by permanent guests. You can tell by the elaborate patios. The wooded back-ins around the edges are decent. We had plenty of room and the trees/brush were well trimmed. There's no diesel on base but we were lucky to find a firestone store and got much needed new tires put on the next day. If you need to go to outdoor rec, it's located in the rear of the auto shop building. The large sign on the awning says Arts and Crafts but look for the lettering on the door that says outdoor rec.
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