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Arkansas 75775
May 27,2010
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I am wanting to know why is there Civilians living at the campground like I found out that space #8 is a assistant camp host and I didn't like her altitude at all trying to be all boss she is very rude person and a Civilian worker using our Military benefits we all served the Military so we all deserve our benefits at our Military campgrounds. So really unless her or her husband is a DOD civilian why are they allowed to live there and use our campground? And about the prices why are we all paying the same amount for full-hookups if we don't have them we should pay a cheaper price for just electric and water. The campsites were nice but the restrooms could be kept cleaner their were dead bugs on the floor and it look like someone tried to clean up the restroom but they got the toilet paper wet it looked like someone sprayed it down with a water hose because there were also water dripping off the walls where is the real camp host and what does he do I never seen him there and what exactly is his job. I would consider coming back again when space #8 leaves. And also I noticed that their were some more sites needed cleaning up around their campers especially the lower levels come on guys you have full-hookups keep it clean one camper even has a porch build on to his camper.
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July 29, 2010
Travelingman, you need to hook up with are both bitter and unhappy, you would make a great couple. I met the assitant host and she was very friendly. Did you know she is a disabled vet, USAF and works at the base as a DoD? It seems she and her husband have as much right to be a host as you do. The host and his significant other were also very helpful to me and my family and as I told Travelqueen, we never experienced the facilities in bad shape as you have described. I hope that they are both there when we come back through. Speaking of messy sites, what's with the white wrecked van up front? It is one of the first things a person notices when they come in and should be moved or stored someplace out of sight. It is an eye sore to say the least, don't you agree? It seems you are more interested in causing problems so you can become the assistant host or host. At least that's how it appears to me. If that's your agenda then shame on you, you're not a nice person at all nor very professional as a camp host should be. If you are retired then you didn't learn anything about professionalism or ethics while active duty.
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