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Arkansas 75956
December 9-10, 2007
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This park is appropriately priced for what it offers. We parked in the "back forty" and the cement pads are large and level. However, the electrical service is weak. We tripped a breaker, which required the service of an electrician to re-set as it took out the entire leg. This should NOT have happened (only the breaker on our pole should have tripped.) The young sergeant who came out told us that he has had repeated calls about electrical problems in this part of the park. When we thought at first that we would have to change sites, he pointed out the one or two sites that DIDN'T have a history of problems. Luckily, he was able to get ours working again so we stayed put for one more day, watching our electric usage carefully. While Outdoor Rec personnel are pleasant, there are no base maps available and no other information about the base, the CG or the area is provided. The camp host has one of the messiest sites and is right next to a space marked for transients--however the unit on that site appears to have been here for sometime and the space is also filled with junk. No one has figured out what the camp host does as most people never see him. This could be a great park if they get the electrical issues taken care of. We'd stay here again only on a transient basis (1-2 nights.)
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