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Arizona 183866
July - October 2017
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We love this place. It is convenient to Tucson shopping and restaurants. On base, the commissary is very good, well stocked, and there is a convenience store for after hours. The bowling alley is terrific ( we used it a lot during our stay) and it is easy to keep fit with two gyms. The laundry facilities are nice and clean as are the bath/shower rooms. The one thing I object to is that the contract workers who come over early in the morning use the campground bathrooms before going to work. I like the system at Yuma Proving Grounds where you get a key for the facilities - keeping out the civilian contractors. It is a one mile walk from the campground to where the sidewalk ends, and this path is lighted, so you can walk after dark. We were told that after October 1, prices were going up to $27/night for everyone, which we think is high for a military campground. Otherwise, this is a great place to stay and they have figured out how to make it nice for everyone. I like the no-reservation policy. If you have ever tried to get a site at Nellis, you will know what I mean. They are reserved for folks who may never show up - keeping others from getting a place for the night. 
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