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Arizona 95579
February 2016
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We last stayed here 11 years ago.  The famcamp looks much the same as it did then but on closer inspection find newer electrical connections and an issue with the water system (guessing that water issue was here last time but no action taken).  Was warned by a couple fellow campers that the water from the hose bib is not suitable for consumption (okay for showering and washing the dishes) and that the gray metal box next to the hook ups is for drinking water.  You can’t hook up your water line to the drinking water but can fill a bucket or water jug from it.  (We just purchased a couple gallons of bottled water to use for coffee and cooking.)  We did remember to turn off the ice maker and based on comments from others will search for the ice machine.  Wi-Fi in lodging lobby worked fine with the exception that I found some sites blocked.  Was trying to look at some RV parks and they were blocked for some reason.  We like this sort of no frills RV park that has the basics and within reasonable distance of things to do.  We jumped on the bikes this morning and took a cruise around the base; there was very little traffic and we could hog the whole road if we wanted.   Note: Found free ice and laundry.  Nice little laundry room (3 each washer and dryer) with couch and small book exchange.
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