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Jan-Feb 2016
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This CG still has one big thing going for it - location - but unfortunately, there have been some changes for the worse since I visited last year.  The wait to get from the dry camp area to full hookups is now 5-6 days during the busy season, and the dry camp area was full or nearly so the whole time of my visit (so be advised to have a plan B, since there might not be space in the dry camp area when you arrive).  This appears to be the result of them opening up more spaces for 3 and 6 month contracts.  When the dry camp area is full, you might as well be parked in a truck stop, with the generator noise that results.  Another negative change is that they no longer publish a list every day so that you can see what your chances are of moving to full hookups.  The whole process is very secretive. Worst of all, the woman who appears to be in charge of the office is surly and rude.  She yells at people for bizarre reasons. Everyone else in the office is polite and friendly, but its sad to watch them, because they are all walking on eggshells around the crazy lady.  They have gone to paid employees this year, rather than work campers, which means some of the people in the office aren't really understanding of RV issues. Another problem I noticed this year which was not present last year was some issues with the electricity.  I noticed my microwave operating erratically, and this cleared up after I left.  Also, for the whole time I was in the full hookup section, I noticed some of the big rigs running their generators periodically. The wifi is as bad as it ever was, but given the other issues I noticed this year, it seemed like a minor issue.  You can usually get online for simple things like email if you do it late at night or early in the morning.  Its sad to see this place going downhill.  It still is a decent value in a great location, but I think I will look for some other options in Tucson when I come back next year.
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