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December 2013
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Desert Breeze was a wonderful campground but this time I can see the beginning of it's downhill slide. One row of the campground has now been given over to long term renters, trailers occupied by civilian contractors working on base. Probably won't be long until this "recreational facility" will be entirely occupied by homesteaders. Too bad!
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July 28, 2014
Please verify that you have your facts correct before you make blanket comments such as this regarding occupied by civilian contractors working on base. Four long-term slots are occupied by active duty military that are assigned to Yuma Proving Ground. Please correct me if I am wrong but they have priority on base. Five others are retired military. Two individuals work for the Army and three are working for contractors. All the long-term are either active duty or retired military and have the same rights as you regarding staying at the travel camp. I found the long-term residents rather pleasant.
The activity duty will receive a space before any retiree or DoD civilian. That is their right as was yours before you retired. I have stayed at the travel camp and it is still a peaceful quite place to visit. Stop whining if you don’t want to share the travel camp with active duty military. Don’t stay there! Find somewhere else to stay. You will not find anything in the Yuma area as reasonable as Desert Breeze.
(Updated: December 01, 2015) November 30, 2015
My facts are correct. Doesn't matter if the contractor is retired military, it's still converting recreational facilities to housing. Looks like I hit a little close to home(steading) for your comfort. ;-)
2 results - showing 1 - 2