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Arizona 152681
Feb 2007
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Very nice, well-laid-out campground with friendly and helpful staff. A number of attractions within easy driving distance to include Bisbee, Tombstone, Chiricahua National Monument, Kratchner Cavern, and, of course, the Ft. Hauchuca Museum. I would have rated this camp as a 4 if it had not been for three items. First, the camp is about 5 miles from the main gate and they aren't easy miles -- the road is narrow and rough for quite a distance, you have to pass through 3 heavily traveled school crossings where you slow to 15 mph, you have to traverse a traffic circle, and, finally, you could easily get confused on some of the last turns and twists if you aren't paying enough attention and watching closely for signs. It takes about 15 minutes to get from the gate to the rv camp. Second, no wifi. As far as I know, there is none anywhere on post. The closest wifi I found was at McDonald's on Fry Blvd (poor signal) or the public library which had an excellent signal. Unfortunately, McD's is about a mile from the main gate and the library is about 2 miles, so it's not a trivial trip once you consider the 5 mile gauntlet just to get to the main gate from the rv camp. Finally, they do have an "overflow" area here and it does have W/E, but it is not what I would consider as normal overflow, i.e., a place to stay while waiting for a site to free up. Overflow at Hauchuca is "not listed" for waiting to get into the famcamp. The only way to get into the famcamp is with a reservation or to just happen upon a vacant spot. As nice as this camp is, I seriously doubt we will return.
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