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Arizona 88136
Feb 19, 2012
(Updated: February 29, 2012)
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Great Reviews but RUDE host on Hot Sunday evening. Beware, and be prepared. We tried to get information and all we could get was the campground is closed and no Dry Camping for the night. They said drive down the road and dry Camp in desert which was not pleasant answer. No guidance whatsoever were to go and we tried to get answers. So, if this happens to you. Drive further down the road and dry camp at the Imperial Dam road (turn right) to BLM Land. Keep on paved part almost to end and turn left and you will see register station, etc. If not sure ask anyone. These are boon doggers and all will help you out. Not like the sour puss base host at Yuma Proving Ground. This is a great secret run by BLM with water, waste and dumps. Also bathrooms and quarter shower which are clean. Cost is $40 for 14 days and what a steal. You are within 15 minute drive to Post for logistics. The Post has outstanding facilities, small but good. Also Post has big rig propane but not Diesel. The do have RV wash and Car wash along with Laundry Mat behind gas station. Recommend BLM dry camping and we stayed 17 days, got new glasses full exam $95 and two crowns $300 across border in Mexico. Ask the boon doggers at the BLM where to go? Also, if you are not into dry camping and need that power. Still head down the road past the Imperial Dam turn off and you will see several places along the road within 20 miles, which have power and maybe full hook ups. One is at another Laguna Dam and you cannot miss it which is about 10 miles beyond the Imperial Dam turn off.
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