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Arizona 169046
Dec. 22-25, 2011
(Updated: December 26, 2011)
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Sleeping was difficult because of all the noise. There is a dog close by that was barking throughout the night. Nearby traffic was loud, and we could hear police sirens a few times a night. The wifi was extremely slow and was not accessible inside the RV. There is no cable TV. Inside the common area the TV only has local channels. So if you wish to watch your favorite football team play football on ESPN, you won't be able to. The common area does not have comfortable seating so TV watching was not enjoyable. There is no public transportation on base, so it is a long walk to access transportation. Worst of all, the base is not pedestrian friendly. Long distances to amenities. On the walk to the exchange, there were many sections without sidewalks. Now that I have discussed all the horrible aspects of this location, I will take a moment to rave about the campground. The bathrooms were fantastic, clean, warm, and there were an adequate number of bathroom stalls and showers. The highlight of my stay was my social interactions, with other visitors and camp hosts. Overall I enjoyed my stay, but I wish their common area would improve.
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