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Arizona 109991
16 to 30 Jan 2011
(Updated: February 01, 2011)
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Twas a mere fluke I ended up at Lake Martinez FamCamp, but I must say this place fits the bill if you're looking for 'isolated'. I pulled in on a Sunday looking to bunk in for a few days, and stayed 2 weeks. The morning 'staff meetings' at the fire pit was a refreshing treat from so many camps where there's not a lot of socializing done. You want some downtime away from the hubbub and bustle? This is your camp. The staff (Mike and Dennis) are among the more gracious people I've known in almost 50 years of living, very open to talk about their site, the lake and what's to do around the area. They're very knowledgeable re who's who and where to go for what in the area. The [Camp Fixit Dood] (Mike) rocks, you got something needs tweaked or need to borrow a tool, he's Johnny on the spot for you. All they need is a coffee pot and I might have Wintered over there! And make it a point to drive out to the mine while you're here, the scenery is awesome!
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