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Arizona 169046
Jan 5 and 6, 2009
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I agree with some of the previous reviews. This place is a little expensive for a military campground. The sites are small, I have 15 feet on one side of me and 20 on the other to my neighbors. The sites are long enough, but that is too close. Landscaping consists of a few shrubs. Sites are raised and are just rocks. There is a picnic table and concrete slab, but my neighbors picnic table is just 4 feet from my window. The staff at check-in were friendly enough, but as stated before, they tell you everything you can't do. There seems to be nothing positive about their greeting. They do have a good "package" of brochures and printouts that you are given about the area. I rode my scooter off base and on the way back in, was told I had to push it back to the campground because I did not have on gloves and boots. Maybe they should have something in their handouts about motor scooters/motorcycles. To me, this is not a destination. OK if you like rocks or are just using it as a base of operations to tour the area. I just don't see why it would be voted the best.
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