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Arizona 169045
Feb-Sep 2008
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I am sorry that I can not give the glowing review that most people give this campground. When you check in you will be told all the things you can not do while you are there. The price of this campground is 30% higher than what you can find off base, and it is going up every year. You can not stay in overflow unless the campground is full. If you use Verizon you will find that your cell phone will not work properly most of the time. If you stay in the north overflow area your salalite TV will not work properly either. If you have pets there is no place to let them exercise. Most of the people in the office act like they are still in the military and will treat you the same way. They act like they are doing you a favor by letting you stay there. If you plan a lengthy stay you will not be able to receive your mail while there. I stayed there for the summer as I thought that I could not find a better place for the price, my mistake. There are campgrounds in Tucson that offer as much or more for much less money. Look around! If you want to see the mentality and the hassels that you will be subjected to, try to post a review on this site.
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