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Arizona 168487
Nov. 25 - Feb. 5, 2007
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VERY neat, clean park with plenty of sites; all level and with great hook ups. All staff and hosts are very friendly and accomodating. Vehicle washing on site allowed (YAY), and a good selection of organic at the Comm. The base is well laid-out, and very tidy as well. Although no recycling is in the CG, the manager said they are trying to get some. Meanwhile, there is a huge recycling center on base that takes everything, even old furniture (not that I had any ;0). My complaints; 1)laundry is only convenient if you're in the entrance of the camp, otherwise you have to drive, 2)many of the sites are close to each other (maybe three people's arm lengths max), 3) the price - with no weekly discount - is a bit high, but not ridiculous, 4)no play ground in the CG or within' 'hollerin' distance. Quite a ways down the street is the pool, skate park, and youth center (they have monthly fees of $2 per child) with lots for kids to do - so grandkids can have some fun too! My children love the time away from adults, and I like it too! :) Suguaro NP is very near, and there is plenty of great shopping in Tuscon; Micheals, Book Stores and Wild Oats too.
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