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Arizona 89226
Oct 2007
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The rating depends on what you are looking for. If you want a PX, commissary, etc, then it is a 2. On the other hand, if you want quiet camping with electric and water, then it's a strong 5. We did not camp here, but were at Ft Tuthill, so came to check it out. Unfortunately, the camp host was gone, so information was limited to what we could see. Fire rings were at every camp site and some fire rings had stacks of wood next to them, so we assume fires are permited when conditions warrant. The roads and rv pads are well-graveled, but watch for a couple of semi-close tree limbs on the way in (no big problem, just be careful if entering at night). I would disagree with the other reviewer who said it would be either dusty or muddy. All sites are easy back-in's. Half the sites are in an open area with no trees (good for sat reception) and the other half are among the trees, so you have a choice. The shower and bathroom facility is brand new and easy access from all sites. We did not check for laundry facilities, but the bath house is certainly large enough to accomodate one. The base offers virtually nothing at the present and is 10 miles from Flagstaff, but the gate guard said the Army had plans to build the camp back up to it's previous condition complete with PX and housing. However, there is a Pilot truck plaza on the north side of exit 185, so simple, quickie-mart things are readily available. Not sure if the truck plaza has wifi. It's mid-Oct as of this writing and with the camp at 7,400' it's getting chilly at night, so I doubt we will stay here this year, but it will be on our list for the future. It's a gem in the rough.
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