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Arizona 183525
October 2022 to April 2023
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This is a first come, first served location. Reservations are not allowed. There is overflow dry camping at a cost which is where one waits for an opening. The reason for the low rating for me is that it is poorly kept up and office staff work periodically. There is a coin operated laundry room, but the change machine has been broken for months. About a third of the wash machines are also out of service and have been for months. What has really bothered me, however, has been the office personnel. ****** (derogatory personal comments removed) *******. The only thing that they were consistent about was patrolling the park to see if outgoing people had left by 10am. At 10;01, there is a 34 dollars late fee, which I had to pay because I was late leaving. I actually had to stay another day as weather prevented my departure, but I didn't get to the office between 9am and 10am to pay for another day. Then, the cost of the camp went up from 25 to 27 dollars with no improvement in the multiple potholed roads throughout the park an the laundry facilities. The camp is dry and dusty with terrible stickers that get drug into the RV on shoes. Last year, I stayed at a private RV park near Catalina State park for a few dollars more with better amenities and wonderful staff. If I ever pass this way again, that is where I'll go. I'll never come here again.
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