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Arizona 2935
March 2023
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We were fortunate enough to be able to snag a spot here during Spring Training. While we were here, I could understand why. The minute someone left, there was a rig ready to take the spot within a couple of hours. This is our first five-star review across the board and the only complaint I have is with a guy spraying for weeds, so I feel that's a one-off. The sites and facilities are clean and there's always someone out doing maintenance. The park is right behind the commissary and the exchange, so you can easily walk there. The convenience of this RV park along with the cost makes it a must for us when we are in the Phoenix area. My complaint with the landscaping guy is he was spraying weed killer around the sites and completely covered our water hoses and water filter with the spray (it was dyed blue). When I asked if he could avoid doing that in the future, he just commented we needed to file a complaint with the office. I was just providing feedback and didn't want to get him in trouble, but I thought that was an odd response. Luckily it was still wet and I could hose off the sprayed areas. A couple of things to be aware of. This is a training base and the F-35s are flying daily and sometimes nightly. They're loud. We loved it and thought it was awesome to watch. However, some folks or their pets might be sensitive to it. Another thing to be aware of is the biker bar right off base. They are partying hard and playing loud music on Friday and Saturday nights and you can easily hear it in the park. But, it's a Friday and Saturday night and I feel that's warranted and didn't bug us.
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