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Oct. 15, 2022
(Updated: October 26, 2022)
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Would love to give the Luke AFB Famcamp a full 5-Stars, but there are a few negatives to consider. The first is the width of the concrete pads. I have a 34' 5th wheel and parked with the driver-side wheels on the very edge of the pad. Even then, my steps were extending past the pad on the passenger side, into the rock. The pads should have been about 2' wider. There is a small concrete extension attached that holds a nice picnic table, and some folks are able to move the table and line up their steps to that section. But depending on where your steps fold out, they may not work and leave enough room to park your tow vehicle. Then the landscaping rock.. it great to look at, but sharp and will ruin an outdoor mat/rug posthaste. Then the big factor to consider before making reservations, the NOISE. This is the most active Airbase I've ever visited. As a training base, fighter jets are taking off frequently throughout the day and well into the evening. It's quite loud, and if I am streaming a movie in the evening, I find myself having to pause it often due to the dialogue being drowned out. In addition, the campground is directly next to the rear of the Commissary. Adding the noise of frequent delivery and trash trucks. Oh, almost forgot... the PA Speaker that plays 0700 Reveille and 2100 Taps is located on the backside of the Famcamp, is Very Loud and guaranteed to wake you up! My neighbor who booked a 3-month stay was quite surprised by the noise levels and was thinking about leaving. Now, I only bring these issues up as a heads up to consider. If you are looking for peace and quiet, keep going. It's a beautiful and well-run Famcamp, but with a few caveats.
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