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Feb-Mar 2022
(Updated: April 01, 2022)
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After reading all the comments, we had to post about our wonderful experience here at Davis Monthan AFB. We have stayed in A LOT of military FamCamp's and this, by far, is our most favorite. We are lucky enough to be able to fully boondock so we have been in the overflow area the entire time. There is a dump station and potable water in the main portion of the campground and it is easy to access and to use. As for wifi, we have our own so had no issues with the park not having wifi. Honestly, we've never been in a FamCamp that had useful wifi so its a surprise to us that people expect it. As for overflow, it is spacious and open and the ground is hard...after all, its Arizona and the caliche makes the ground like's not a Davis Monthan thing, its an Arizona thing. Everyone in the overflow area (and there are very few of us here, a bit more on the weekend) are very polite and the ONLY time I have heard a generator running at night is when the temp got down into the 30's and I would expect you to want to be warm. Biggest advantage to the overflow is that is where the dog park is. It is pea gravel, clean and spacious, and made our stay here much better! Plus they allow pens outside your Rig as long as you are with your pets which also makes for an enjoyable stay when furry feet need to potty at night. Don't let the "no reservation" policy discourage you. There has ALWAYS been spots in the overflow and it's cold here at night so you won't need your AC to sleep. BEST FAMCAMP OF THEM ALL! We will definitely be back!
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