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Arizona 5602
March 29-April 11, 2021
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This is a much delayed review. We stayed here a couple of weeks around Easter. Loved this campground, except we had a disaster, one of several on this trip! We were in an end site (south end) of one row with our awning facing towards the wall. On Easter Sunday I left the awning out, since the weather was and had been hot and there had been no wind. We returned to the trailer after dark and found the awning destroyed! A strong whirlwind had come across the open space and yanked our awning, including the hardware, up high, also damaging the roof. Damage was over $10K. So, if you stay here, particularly in one of those end sites, be sure to roll up your awning if leaving, although our neighbor also was present and he had a strong tug on his too. It may be prudent just not use the awning if in an end site with the awning facing the open space. Thought I'd pass it along to keep you out of trouble. Otherwise this is an excellent park. I agree with those who mentioned that the bar/strip joint being a noisy nuisance on weekends is a pain. Too bad the city allows the outdoor sound system.
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