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Arizona 179349
March 12-17, 2021
(Updated: March 25, 2021)
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This was our 2nd stay in 3 years. We were in space 96, next to a seemingly long termer on a corner. I have a modest 25 ft. Trailer and it took me a few minutes of jockeying back and forth to avoid the trees on both sides of the space for a small slide-out on one side and our awning on the other. It’s funny, while we were ‘inside the wire’, I saw other small trailers around us with hitch locks. Really? Great laundry room facilities. Management seems to be using Covid precautions as an excuse for limiting active management. I never talked to anyone with the office in the 5 nights we were there. I made it a point to arrive during business hours on a Friday and the office was closed with instructions on the front board with a list of available sites. I was to pick one and then draw a line through it, so no one could pick it again. While many of the guests are seasonal or short term, I saw a few RV residents who are there for the long haul. One site across the street from us had living room furniture, a refrigerator and a front loading washer in his space, and no he wasn’t active duty.
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