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Sept. 28, 2020
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The brand new FamCamp on Luke AFB (Saguaro Skies FamCamp) is extremely nice. We stayed here for 4 days and as others have said, when you enter you MUST enter through South gate. As you arrive you will see the FamCamp on your right and you will be VERY tempted to try to enter through Kachina gate - don't do it. Kachina gate has an intentionally VERY narrow, winding entry as an entry control measure. Using South Gate you will drive only about 1.5 miles more but the gate is designed for large, long vehicles. The sites are all pull through, concrete pads, perfectly level, well thought out with a clear open sky for satellite. If you don't have satellite, no worry, you will receive 80 local channels. All of the normal local affiliate channels and all of the normal over the air antenna channels. You will also receive some Spanish channels and shopping channels if you like those. All of the utilities are on the left side rear and you will need two (2) drain hoses for your waste water. I read one of the reviews that talked about the small picnic table concrete pad next to the site and not being able to sit outside in chairs except in the gravel. This is true, I actually had to move the picnic table, a little, just to open my front compartment doors fully. "But" you can easily move the picnic table off the concrete pad into the gravel (which is perfectly level and the picnic table is still fully usable) and then use the concrete pad as your outside sitting, entertaining area (I expect this will become VERY common). The concrete pad is also perfectly situated for your outside TV. The sites are situated back to front so if your coach is facing North your neighbors will both be facing South. There are four (4) double wide handicap sites, still with the normal picnic table pad (22,23,.32,33). The double wide site gives the user twice the concrete width of the site, which if you were in a wheel chair, or have mobility difficulties, gives you plenty of room to move around outside without going into the gravel. We don't use site bath houses or laundry but we went in them just to review. They are of course brand new and beautiful. There are both standard size and handicap showers both with fold down seats. The shower heads are the same chrome shower heads found in a typical coach with the on/off button on the shower head, the water pressure is pretty good. There appears to be a water pressure reducer on the site hose bib but it is NOT. It is a back flow preventer, and the site water pressure is about 80 psi so use your own 50 psi pressure reducer if your coach needs one (most new coaches don't need one). There are three (3) washers and dryers with no cost for use. The site stays are already listed on this site but I will add that they have ten (10) long term sites that may be reserved for up to 90 days per use and may also be extended if available. The daily rate is $30 regardless of length of stay, which I would prefer be the more common $22 per day. They do not have the AF Frequent Camper packets, as we know they are no longer available, but they did accept by book and coupon for a free night. They had some information about the program but not enough so I explained to the staff how it works and I provided them with copies of the policies and process that I received with my packet. They don't have the stamper for your book but they still filled it out and signed my book and accepted my coupon. I expect this FamCamp will become one of the prime snowbird winter locations as it is an extremely nice FamCamp and EVERYTHING is within walking distance.
Saguaro Skies FamCamp
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