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June 13, 1917
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There was not a RV spot available and we even called ahead. (There rarely is now that the Air Force side is closed) So we asked to use the fish house and freezer facility. $10 per person to clean fish and $10 a night to use the freezer. $40 total. The place was packed and no space available to clean our fish. So I was talking to the employee at the freezer and he told me the freezer would not freeze my fish in 24 hours, it would probably take 24 hours. This is not good for the quality of the fish. To use the facilties to clean and store our fish would cost more than it does to stay there and have the facilities included. I guess they don’t want to service the local military. ( So sad they closed the affordable Air Force side that the lower ranking troups could afford to take their family for the weekend.) Anyways, I called around looking for another place to take care of our catch and found a better solution at J Dock. Now the SHOCKING part. I ask for our money to be refunded because of the crowds and the freezer not working properly. I was told NO REFUNDS. We tried to explain our situation to the young unkempt man working at the front desk and he told us he could clean fish in 20 minutes and how can he believe we did already clean our fish. We suggested he looked at our cooler full of intact fish, but he said no he wouldn’t look and insisted we could be lying! As a retired military couple, we hardly looked like sinister characters. I found this whole experience insulting and humiliating. Actually in the past 25 years, we have found the staff to be less than hospitable here. But this is the first time I was treated with disrespect and pure rudeness. We will not go back. I would recommend the City RV park, right on the bay with amazing views . 
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