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June 24 to July 1, 2012
(Updated: July 07, 2012)
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I arrived at just after 12 noon on June 24. I asked the two young individuals in civilian clothes if they had any 50amp sites available. They looked at me like I did not know what I was talking about. They told me to just go get a site and make my payment using the envelope at the bath house. I told them I needed to get my Air Force Frequent Camper Book stamped. They stamped the book and I paid them with my credit card - $18.00 a night now. They have a large map of the sites hanging on the wall but they do not have the electric annotated, only the site number. The same with the map board at the FamCamp entrance. Site 36 looked the largest so I asked about that site and was told if no one was in it to take it and call them to tell me the site I was in. All the sites looked like the weeds had not been cleared in six months or more. The water pressure is very low. The FamCamp is overrun with mosquitoes. There is no Wi-Fi at the FamCamp or FamCamp office. All the sites are in the trees and satellite dishes will not work at the FamCamp. I did not use the laundry or showers so I cannot comment on them. The BX food court Wi-Fi was not working when I went Sunday evening. I went to the base library on Monday and found out it was closed on Monday's as is the commissary. There is plenty of room to pull your RV into the FamCamp office and swing around heading out. I have a 40 foot RV and towing and I had no trouble. Although small, the BX and commissary are nice. The Heritage Park on base is nice.
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