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13 - 20 July 2011
(Updated: July 19, 2011)
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Price is now $18 per night. Only 15 minutes to Fairbanks and a good base to travel to the northern parts of the area on day trips. Generally a good value but as stated in prior comments there seems to be no one in charge or if there is then they need some supervision. The bathrooms are individual bathrooms and have sink, toilet and shower. The showers have plenty of hot water and good pressure and paper products are replaced regularly but they need a good scrubbing at least once a week and a sweep out daily. We were here for a week and no one cleaned the bathrooms other than taking out trash. Sites are in heavily wooded with plenty of room between them. The have water and power, no sewer but there is a dump site. Mosquitoes are the only pest problem and there are a couple of propane mosquito killers in the campground. Generally a very nice area the sound of freedom is heard throughout the day, we didn't hear noise till around 8 AM and not after about 8 PM so not bad. There were plenty of sites available during the week we spent here, usually 4 or more empty the whole period. The place could be a lot better with someone taking a interest in managing it and keeping up with the maintenance.
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