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June 14, 2018
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Called in advance to see what they have and how full they were. Asked twice if they had full hookups and 50 amps. Was assured both times yes and yes. Fifty amps turned out to be 30. Two hole dump station only, no sewage on sites. Talked to manager and she said some sites do have 50 amps but staff does not know which ones. I told her a map or list of which ones have what would be nice. Then the bathrooms were a disaster. DW refused to use the regular bathroom. The handicapped one was overflowing with..... and the shower was under repair. No sign telling us it was out of service although the laundry did have a warning on it that the water might turn your clothes yellow... No maps of base available. Had we known the deplorable condition of the place and the incorrect hookup info we would have made other arrangements but due to schedule were forced to stay two nites. As it was we cut a planned four nite stay to two since with our 95 yr old mom and us all using the bathroom and no onsite dump we were filling things up pretty fast.. The staff seemed a bit lackadaisical and not very informed, but were friendly overall. The only good news is that the location is good, the entry into the base is easy and finding the famcamp is simple and the sites themselves are fine, easy in and out, and near a lake. A real shame this place is off our list since it is a good location and with some attention and care could be rated a four.
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