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Feb. 12-16, 2015
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We came down 231 from Troy and our GPS wanted to take us in to Fort Rucker on a closed road so be careful with your GPS. The staff was very nice and really wanted us to be happy! This Campground is very secluded in nature and very quiet with the exception of aircraft from time to time. TV reception with our standard RV antenna was slightly broken up from time to time. There are very strict rules here and they are apparently enforced… “Thank Goodness”… because the place is absolutely beautiful, clean, quiet and very well maintained! They have a clean after yourself rule here to include squeegeeing after you use the public shower and I suggest that you follow these rules because the grounds are equipped with video cameras so if you decide to leave a mess then smile you are being filmed and you will be asked to leave! The lots are very roomy, level and with trees as mentioned beautiful place. This place is great both for the elderly (like us) to relax and also for the young family because there are picnic grounds with playgrounds and beach nearby (driving distance not walking distance). The Commissary & Class 6 is well stocked but the PX was a little on the lean side, we were surprised that it is so small. We found Fort Rucker, Dothan and Ozark to be very nice and clean but outside of these we were discouraged with the roadside litter outside of Fort Rucker. The people in this area seem to be very nice, both on post and off post.
Engineer Beach RV Park Fort Rucker, AL.
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