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Alabama 99670
May 28-31, 2010
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The ratings for this location are definitely for the cabins, trailers and marina. The lake is beautiful. Of the 76 sites advertised I only found 5 that were for the RV traveler and could not get conformation from any of the staff. The rest are permanently occupied by RV’s that stay there year round. They have decks and additions built on. Some even have private docks. They seemed to be used by the owners and their families for weekend getaways and vacations. We were to stay for two weeks but left after 3 nights. My wife went and checked in at the Marina and they gave her directions to our site. That was the last we saw anyone from the staff. We had site 52 which has full hook ups. The site is rock (not gravel) and just wide enough for the width of your axle. The sides then sloop down from there. It took 6 inches of leveling blocks on the right side to get it level. While standing on the ground at 5’9” tall I was on my tip toes to open the door. My wife had to balance on the step to get the door open. The area around the site is dirt with some weeds. The picnic table is on a cement slab. Site 53 had 4” of leveling blocks. Site 54 was not occupied but appeared to be a little more level but you have to back between 2 large trees, you may have a couple of feet on each side. 55 and 56 are permanent. 56 looks like nobody has been their in several years, dirty with pine needles and leaves. 57 is next one of the cabins and is level. It is built up with a retaining wall so with your rig to one side once you come off your steps you may have a step or two before you go over a 3’ foot retaining wall. The only other site I saw was by the beach and it appeared to be ok. We got 3 channels which were all PBS. I could not get any satellite reception from my site because of the trees. The town is 8 miles away. Wall Mart is 23 miles. If you have question that can not be answered by the reservation desk at Maxwell AFB they will tell you to call the campground. You may or may not get a call back. I didn’t. You would think that a campground that has the year round occupancy that this one has, the few sites they have for the rest of us who are Serving or who Have Served would be in the best conditions. This is not a Military campground it is a private trailer park on OUR LAND.
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