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Alabama 95621
March 7-21, 2023
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This is a no-frills FamCamp which is fine. Military FamCamps are not resorts. I love the security of FamCamps. When we stay on base, we know that like-minded veterans are sharing our love to travel. We stopped and stayed for a few weeks to spend time with family. The facilities are adequate. The base needs to outsource a contract for new washers and dryers. Every time we've stopped, one or two, and three were out of service this year. They have expanded the park to more than 100 sites. The base has published the SOP and has posted it in the laundry room. The problem is they need to go by the rules. We are on site 27; there are five vehicles and an old trailer on the site next to ours. No one is on-site, and two vehicles are expired plates from Texas. Sites 1-45 are short-term visitors for 4 to 8 wks. 45-100 are primarily contractors. Most of the RVs have yet to see anyone coming or going. I have been told it is cheaper to put an RV on a site than store it in the storage lot adjacent to the campground. Is the FamCamp a storage lot or a FamCamp? Not sure why the military plays musical chairs with RVs. The husband called a month ago and asked for a particular site. That site has been empty since we arrived until today. The reservation system MWR is using needs to be updated. There must be a better way to put RVs on-site without packing up and moving every few weeks. We have a new camp host this year. Excellent, they are very proactive in keeping the facilities clean. This is the first year that the laundry area was clean. Overall Redstone FamCamp is a 4 out of 5 stars.
Redstone Arsenal MWR RV Park
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