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Alabama 99670
March 6, 2023
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This could be an absolutely beautiful site, if maintenance would take care of it properly I can see where it would be packed, full all spring and summer. When we got there, none of the bathrooms worked, the dump station closest to the office was plugged up and still was when I left three days later, the second dump station further in the campground had a massive water leak which they did end up fixing before I left, the pipe for the dump station is too tall, and there are holes at the base of the concrete that last sewage run out and then eventually drain back and I assume . Currently there are no washers operable for RV folks, the 30 amp breaker at site 33 was inoperable, and I notified staff the day I arrived, and three days later, it still had not been repaired and up near the office there are electrical lines laying on the ground with the power pole broke off, and they appear to have been that way for quite some time, it seems to me that the staff spent more time in offices and vehicles than doing maintenance, I can only speak to when I saw them so it’s very possible they were working the rest of the time, that being said, it didn’t appear much was getting done.
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