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Alabama 95210
August 2021
(Updated: September 20, 2021)
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As mentioned it is just a few blocks from the PX and Commissary. But the arrival instructions are not accurate. Using the take exit 14 off I 565 to gate 9 is perfect. The gate will have several entrances, maybe 7-8, but use the gate lights (red and green) to select the left most green lighted gate. After getting thru the gate by showing your ID, keep left, DO NOT turn left at the first light. Go past the lights and look left for a U turn sign for Goss Road. Take the U turn and go straight (you are now headed back toward the gate). Move to the right most lane. It will look like you are leaving the base. The red light you come to adjacent to the entrance gate is actually Goss Road. Turn right at that light and follow Goss Road for several miles. It will lead you around the golf course and then up a slight hill. As you go over the hill, begin to look on the right side for a very small sign that says “RV”. Turn on that street which is Jupiter street. Go to the end of Jupiter, which will dead end at the RV park. Follow the signage to the entrance (right off Jupiter then left at the dumpster and the entrance is on your left). The confusion is caused by the directions that tell you to turn left at the first light … which is not true. (Editors note: The directions have been updated).
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