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17-27 March 2008

What a beautiful location for a campground. Uncle did well arranging to have this and the Ft Sam Rec Area on the map on this Corps of Engineers lake. Campsite pads are level and easily accessible ... plenty of room between them for moderate privacy. Weekends are very busy, with some noise after hours ... but not bad. Weekdays are like being in a private setting ... very quiet and nice. Cabins are adequate. We rented one for our Son/DtrIL/GDtr to visit us. Nothing fabulous. Typical "on-base" housing / TLF is much better. But for the setting, cabins are very adequate. Now the problem ... and I'm going to sound like a "repeat artist" here, because my only other review so far has the very same complaint. Bathrooms / Showers were not clean at all ... in fact, I'm not sure the floors had seen a mop for weeks. Toilet paper was out in both men's and women's ... you needed to carry your own if you wanted success. I offered my request for TP and a cleaner setting, which met with TP success, but not cleanliness success. Sent off a comment to the mgt which seemed to make a difference. At least TP was there and the showers looked cleaner, but the toilet area still lacked attention. Hey ... I'm really not a "clean freak" ... these bathrooms needed much more attention than they were receiving. Other than that ... I'd stay here again in a heart beat. Great setting ... beautiful lake ... price is right, as it is most of the time at military campgrounds. What a deal we get, eh?

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