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Sherwood Point Cottage
5.0 (2)
Wisconsin 28528   0   3   0   8
Located in northeast Wisconsin on the western shores of Lake Michigan. Beautiful single-family house overlooking the bay in forested area. No camping or RV sites.
5.0 (3)
West Virginia 36477   0   2   1   4
NIOC Sugar Grove CLOSED in September, 2015.
Aberdeen Shore Park Travel Camp
4.9 (2)
Maryland 10575   0   20   0   5
New campground opened June 2016. Located within within 2 hours of Baltimore, Washington DC and New York City by train.
Barking Sands Beach Cottages
4.9 (1)
Hawaii 52329   0   3   0   8
Vacation rental cottages located on the quiet and scenic island of Kauai. No camping or RV sites.
Cliffside RV Park
4.8 (77)
Washington 61797   0   30   0   42
Nestled along the shoreline of NAS Whidbey, Cliffside offers 57RV sites as well as several tent sites, and six furnished yurts overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Vancouver Island, the San Juan Islands and the Olympic Peninsula. These sites offer water and electrical hookups; there are great restroom and shower facilities in each loop. More than that, these homes away from home provide the ambiance of shoreline living, an open window on an ever-changing marine environment and unparalleled...
Eagle Hammock RV Park
Eagle Hammock RV Park Featured Hot
4.8 (187)
Georgia 98720   0   35   0   80
A beautiful and popular RV Park. Well liked by it's visitors. Received the 2009, 2010, AND the 2011 Campers Choice Award for BEST Military Campground (Eastern USA).
Great Pond Outdoor Recreation Area
4.8 (81)
Maine 96816   0   26   2   34
The Great Pond Outdoor Adventure Center is a four season recreational facility. This 375 acre reservation boasts excellent fishing, hiking, canoe & kayaking as well as magnificent scenic vistas. This pristine site offers many opportunities to explore the Maine woods via canoe or mountain bike. Enjoy fishing, hiking, sailing and swimming* without leaving the area or travel south to explore Acadia National Park or visit Canada, 70 miles east on route 9. We can give you directions to several...
Valdez Military Recreation Site
4.7 (1)
Alaska 28663   0   7   2   5
Valdez is located on the north shore of Port Valdez, a deepwater fjord in Prince William Sound. Valdez offers some of the best fishing, hiking and terrific potential for whale sightings. It is the southern terminus of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline. Eielson AFB operates 8 vacation rental trailers and a couple RV Sites for military use only in a commercial campground. NOT a military campground or RV Park.
Clubhouse, Laundry, Restrooms
4.7 (14)
California 18175   1   11   2   11
New RV Park opened October 2013. Nestled in the foot of the Sierra Nevadas. NAWS China Lake is centrally located to enjoy anything and everything outdoors!  The US Naval Museum of Armament and Technology is nearby.
Pelican Roost RV Park
4.7 (202)
Florida 136263   0   33   1   85
A nice park located on the bay. Great view watching the passing Naval vessels.
DeParcq Woods
4.7 (16)
Minnesota 27405   0   2   1   12
Located along the Mississippi River.
Sea Mist RV Campground
4.7 (71)
Virginia 108147   0   20   2   75
Nice campground located on the coast.
Pelican Point RV Park
4.6 (24)
North Carolina 25831   0   12   2   21
This new RV Park opened in May 2013. Located at Pelican Point Recreation Area at Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station.
Point Betsie Recreation Cottage
4.6 (2)
Michigan 23926   0   6   0   2
The rental cottage is a 2-bedroom, 1-bath ranch house. A deck wraps around the south and west sides of the house providing great views of the lake. Sand dunes surround the cottage and access to Lake Michigan beach is only 200 yards from the back door. The cottage is nearby the historical Pt. Betsie lighthouse, on a road ending at Lake Michigan. No camping or RV sites.
Davis Monthan AFB FamCamp
Davis Monthan AFB FamCamp Featured New Hot
4.6 (156)
Arizona 93185   0   18   2   68
A top-rated, popular military campground in the Arizona sunbelt. While it is full most of the time in the winter, there is plenty of overflow space and there is a fair rotation policy into the FHU sites. Received the Campers Choice Award for OVERALL BEST Military Campground in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 AND 2011 (Western USA)!
247 results - showing 1 - 15  
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