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NASKW Campground
4.2 (143)
Florida 213423   2   31   2   94
Located adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico, NASKW Campground is a favorite year-round camping destination. (This location was previously known as "Sigsbee RV Park").
Pelican Roost RV Park
4.7 (208)
Florida 186972   0   33   1   99
A nice park located on the bay. Great view watching the passing Naval vessels.
Del Mar Beach Cottages and Campsites
3.8 (56)
California 174546   0   17   0   66
Del Mar Beach, at the southern end of the base, and San Onofre beach on the northern end offer miles of magnificent surf in the heart of Southern California. Cottages and campsites with electrical hook ups are available to rent by sponsors and spouses only at both beaches. The cottages have one to three bedrooms, all have kitchens and TV's and many have fire rings. Each beach has a bath house and lifeguards are on duty year-round. ...
Oak Grove Park and Cottages
4.5 (98)
Florida 165018   1   22   0   81
Oak Grove Park Campground is nestled in the oaks, within walking distance of the beach and the National Museum of Naval Aviation.
Solomons Island Navy Recreation Area
3.6 (35)
Maryland 163773   0   24   0   48
Welcome to beautiful and inviting Navy Recreation Center (NRC) Solomons. The scenic vistas of the waterfront of the Chesapeake Bay are a part of daily life here, and a big reason why this has proven to be a popular and most-sought after location for vacations for our proudly serving military members and their families for years. Nestled on a peninsula bounded by the picturesque Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay in an area you'll soon agree...
Joint Base San Antonio Canyon Lake Recreation Park
4.1 (20)
Texas 163259   0   12   2   29
The JBSA Recreation Park at Canyon Lake provides a wide variety of recreational activities that allow for outdoor fun on a year-round basis. The recreation park consists of 250 acres of the most beautiful lakefront property in the area. The park provides many different lodging, camping, equipment and activity options to ensure everyone has a great adventure in the outdoors. The park is open 365 days out of the year. The Park offers 6 types of...
Sea Mist RV Campground
4.7 (75)
Virginia 161958   0   20   2   105
Nice campground located on the coast.
4.4 (30)
Texas 160763   0   2   0   29
This is a place holder for old reviews. Randolph AFB and Fort Sam Houston combined to create the Joint Base San Antonio. They each had a recreation area at Canyon Lake. These two areas combined and is now known as Joint Base San Antonio Park an Canyon Lake. operated by the USAF. You can find information and leave reviews on the Joint Base San Antonio Canyon Lake Recreation Area here.   ...
Short Stay Recreation Area
4.0 (45)
South Carolina 156436   1   18   2   35
Lakeside campground with great fishing. Boat rentals, cabins, and villas available for rent.
Blue Angel Naval Recreation Area
4.1 (79)
Florida 154830   1   31   0   94
This large recreation area is located in a quiet area along the ocean. Many recreation opportunities are available here.
Destin Army Infantry Center Recreation Area
4.4 (90)
Florida 147762   1   28   2   95
The RV park is closed until early 2018 for renovation. The Destin Recreation Area's 15 1/2 acres of land located on the shores of the Choctawhatchee Bay provide active duty and retired military personnel, their families, and DA civilians many ways to unwind and enjoy a tropical vacation just 220 miles south of Fort Benning. The recreation area is located only a short drive from Florida's breathtaking beaches and the warm waters of the Gulf of...
Mid Bay Shores Maxwell/Gunter Recreation Area
4.3 (53)
Florida 146115   1   25   1   76
Mid-Bay Shores, Maxwell/Gunter’s Florida resort location opened April 2003 with 25 new fully furnished cabins. Formerly called Lake Pippin, the new name, Mid-Bay Shores, was chosen to better reflect the beautiful white sandy shores of Choctawatchee Bay that the resort faces. The gated entrance is just before the Choctawatchee Mid- Bay Bridge, a toll bridge that connects Niceville and Destin. Located about three hours from Maxwell in Niceville, FL., Choctawatchee Bay is a large body of water...
Fiddler's Cove RV Park
4.3 (68)
California 141613   1   25   1   75
This campground, located in San Diego, CA, is on the bay and next to the marina. Lots to do in the area. One of the best values.
San Onofre Recreation Beach
4.0 (37)
California 137429   4   23   4   46
Another hidden jewel of a military campground. Large recreation area with plenty of beach on the Pacific Ocean.
Admiral Baker RV Park
3.7 (74)
California 137307   0   7   2   42
A premium campground, especially if you're a golfer. Located in San Diego, CA, so there's a ton of sight-seeing available. Although operated by the Navy, this RV park is also open to the public.
271 results - showing 1 - 15  
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