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Pacific Beach Resort and Conference Center
Washington 124431
Jul 2006
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Concur with previous posts. A GREAT resort high on a bluff, right on the Pacific Ocean nestled up to the small town of Pacific Beach, maybe 250 people, or so it seems, and a small state park located in town right on the water's edge. It is beautiful with the roar of the ocean and miles of beach to roam. The resort lost power for about five hours while we were there but no big deal; while the nation was baking in the 90's it was a cool, mid to high 60's with a nice ocean breeze to enjoy. Want to get out of your rv for a couple of days? Try $40 a night for lodging. This is a GREAT resort!! Twenty miles down the road is the town of Ocean Shores with plenty of shops, golf and mopheads to rent to explore up and down the beaches for miles. Keep in mind this is the Pacific Northwest. Come October through May or even June, it is gray and rainy most of the time but still beautiful.
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