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(Updated: January 07, 2013)
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Jan 5th thru 10th, 2013

Arrived on January 5th for 4 nights. The check-in process is very good. There is a gate to enter and after hours each camper has an individual code to enter. (Works great, if your code has been setup. On our last visit about 2 months ago that was not the case. All was corrected quickly). We selected site #4 which is very level in all directions. The men's restroom was clean and in good shape except the door will not close, so need for a code on the door. According to the wife, the ladies not so clean and the heaters not working on day one. Next day much cleaner and two space heaters are now in place. A little too cold to check out the other amenities in the area. The check-in office was well organized and the folks that work there were very helpful. Supplies to purchase was ok. Due to the weather forecast for rain on our checkout date, we extended for one extra day. Ladies in the office did this with a smile. There is deer everywhere. Some of the other campers were feeding them. This is a common practice. We stay here a few times a year and always enjoy the stay.

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