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June 26, 2010

Taking the time to write this because I think that everyone should know that this is an awesome facility. Hate camping because the military makes us do it enough. However, this was a great safe family experience. We arrived early Saturday morning, unpacked, set up our tents, ate lunch, played in the river and sand, took a walk, bar-bq hamburgers for dinner, played some more, set up a fire for smores and lights out because the kids were too tired. Hubby and I stayed up drinking beer and listening to the sound of crickets. Woke the next morning to coffee and bacon on the grill. It was a great time. There is an office to buy somethings that you forgot. Showers and indoor plumbing at the office for those who do not like sleeping with sand in their shorts. Washers and dryers available. Downfall is that if you forgot something like ketchup and the office is closed you have to travel 30min. to buy some affordable ketchup, understand that there is no electricity in the tent area and no sinks but you can take a big bucket and fill it up with water at a well to wash your hands before you eat. Oh, and absolutely under no condition can you skinny dip....other than that it was a great time, great place and best of all great people!!!

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