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JB Charleston RV Park
South Carolina
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All of 2017

This is my first review, but not the only place I stayed. A lot of the previous reviewers made some good points, and good observations about this Famcamp. I think that a lot of people underestimate the value of long term campers or what some call "homesteaders". I was in the long term area for a year and let me tell you, the sites were the worst, and not worth it. Flooding, snakes, bugs and small spots is what you get. Since they elininated long term spots, ORC has lost a ton of money, and all but a few sites have been empty. The biggest problem that I have seen here is that there is no set rules to follow, the AFI's are not followed, the rules that change almost on the monthly basic do not apply for all. I don't understand why it can be so hard to run a facility to where it is equal for all. We have had some nice productive host here, but then there has been some that think they owned the place. I do have an issue with a host acting as if they are in full control, in reality they are given free sites for cleaning the toilets and cutting grass. They are not an employee of ORC and if they are they better be paying taxes on the value of the sites they are given for free. Overall it's a nice clean secured place. 

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jbcorc Written by jbcorc
August 30, 2017
Thank you for your response. The AFIs and OIs change frequently and are out of our control. You can stay "long term" up to 180 days. The camp hosts are under a monthly contract. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns, as we'd like to address these all the best we can.
Wethesheeple Written by Wethesheeple
February 06, 2018
FYI, the "homesteaders" get a bad rep for a reason. They take up all the campsites for an entire season- or sometimes years- preventing others from being able to use the facilities. These are supposed to be CAMPGROUNDS for ALL to enjoy, not trailer parks for a lucky few looking to save money on housing costs. If you want to buy a vacation home, then by all means buy something off base, but don't squat in the campground for 6 months or longer.
2 results - showing 1 - 2