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JB Charleston RV Park
South Carolina
(Updated: April 30, 2017)
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April 22-26 2017

We own a '87 Bluebird Wanderlodge. After we arrived, my husband got me set up and had to fly back to Eglin AFB. When I returned from the airport I was promptly told by the camp hosts #1 - we had an oil leak dripping on their parking pad that must be addressed immediately. They just weren't going to have that. Her exact words. We did not have a leak at our home as we park our bus on our own concrete pad. Do you think we'd just allow that to not be addressed at our own home that we maintain meticulously? Obviously, something had occurred unnoticed during our 3 day drive up. The time was 1900, nothing was open except Shopette. I had two aluminum pans in my bus that I secured under the bus, purchased Reynolds Wrap and duck tape. I crawled under the bus handling the minor leak issue with the camp host watching although she did help me retrieve two rocks to weigh down pans. . As we engaged in conversation later she also told me that #2 often times Campgrounds don't allow old buses into their facility due to leaks such as ours. Do you not think that new coaches have unexpected leak issues? Was this a hint of what was to come? #3. My dog cried while I was on my errands. Was that too disturbing? #4. They saw my husband spray off the front of bus. That would be $10 extra for a bus wash. Could they have mentioned that to him and not stressed me out with one thing or another? Needless to say, my stomach was in knots not knowing what was coming next. When we pulled out 4 days later heading to Myrtle Beach my husband moved the coach forward, removed my temporary oil pans and Reynolds wrap/duck tape. Drippings on their concrete pad were minimal. Nothing atrocious. Now, remember we're returning after our Rally for a few weeks as we hsve family in the area. On our way to Myrtle Beach, about 5 miles from the FamCamp my husband noticed diesel oil on our back window. Pulled over and found an issue with a line on the generator. We promptly addressed this up the road at an Ace Hardware where my husband repaired it on site. See pictures. Now we arrive at Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach. I receive a call from Famcamp Camp host telling me we are "banned" from the FamCamp until issue is fixed. That Outdoor Rec personnel had issued this banned status due to the mess our old bus made on their concrete pad not just from an engine area oil leak but also all over an area where the back of the bus was parked. What am I to say? Upset, speechless I just accept what they say and hang up!!! We surmised that the generator issue began as we pulled out and perhaps spilled desire oil. How were we to know? They gave me no chance to explain and we've been kicked out, our plans to see our grandkids for the next few weeks in CHS are off and we will head home. BY THE WAY, I even purchased a very large and thick tarp to put under the bus if it was needed and believe me if there was a major leak toward the back of our bus while it sat for 4 days on their pad I WOULD HAVE NOTICED. I walked my dog a tleast 25 times during the stay so that is a true statement. Special note: we are here at Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach. No leak on pad AT ALL. That's the story. The truth. Our experience!!! Home bound we will be. No comment otherwise as we feel disheartened and humiliated. . Theresa

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Janice Written by Janice
May 09, 2017
Just would like to make a true comment here in regards to this post. Some of this comment is not correct, as we checked you in and not long after that your husband washed your bus front and back. We said if he just wash the front we would not say anything. He had a hose, brush, and pail of soapy water. We had been told by the director not to let in another bus that had oil leaks as well. Upon sitting outside to have a bottle of water we could see oil under the front of your bus. Upon you leaving your husband driving out that day there was oil in a very large part of the under part of your bus. Your husband got out of the bus and walked to the pans and foil you had down grabbed them up and never took time to even look at the oil spill. A few minutes later we walked over to the spot and took a look to find oil in a large portion of your parking spot. Hard for us to believe your camper does not leak at home. At the time we were not on duty and the other host came up in her golf cart and started going on about the oil. She was ask to be quiet and listen as she was talking all the time. She threw hands up in the air and begin shouting at us to stop telling her that and screaming she could hear all of us. Most unprofessional action in the middle of the campground. We left the campground and our hosting job within an hour after you pulled out. That being said we were not the ones who called and banned you. Only reason for this comment is to correct some things that were not quite right. One last thing, if you had wanted to stay and visit family why would you not have call another campground as there are two more military ones in the area? Not being rude about your camper, but the truth is the truth and this is what happened. We just don't want to be blamed for something we did not do and we want you to understand why things were done the way they were. No hard feeling here!
Jmann Written by Jmann
June 27, 2017
Yes, this is very much a true story about what happens here. I remember the the bus and the host that just commented on your post. That day [the old hosts] were very unprofessional. Let me also add something to the story, according to AFI 34-110 washing RV's in the park is Not Allowed, but the director charges $10.00 For you to do so. Also host are getting free stay, which is another violation. Well back to the bus, the bus is older yes, but a classic and nice inside and out. After all this happen I walked over to the spot and there was No, let me repeat NO oil stain. It's a concrete pad, oil does not just disappear. In my opinion they were being treated like they were trash. Buti in the long term area there is a camper there that can not be moved because it don't run.
No one should have been treated like they were. The Famcamp director has no authority to ban anyone from a military facility.
[The new hosts] were trained by [the old hosts], who feels that he owns the Famcamp. The director likes him because he takes full control and she don't have to do anything.
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2 results - showing 1 - 2