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June 2017
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Reservations recommended. Many active duty and contractors living here full time. Length of stay is 365 days. Park has had a steady stream of over-nighters. To extend you most likely will have to move around. There is a rotation going on for extended stay, in and out of partial hook-up sites to full hook-up sites and back again. Park Appearance: mowed. Trash picked up routinely. Asphalt pads with concrete patios are older. Utility boxes old. Women’s Shower/Toilets: Updated and clean. Laundry: 1.00/.50 wash/dry: Large top load commercial Speed Queen washers and dryers in good repair. Commissary: Large. Meat and produce selection large. Some Organic selections. Camp WIFI - One access point located on top of bath house. Slow, drop off rate HIGH, when you do gain access, it is extremely slow. 
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September 30, 2017
Same way it was years ago. Contractors and active duty homesteaders staying long term. Never moving out of the space they are in.
About time policy is put into effect that the homesteaders move out after 30 days.

Placed does not rate a 5.0

Was a dump years ago. Been fixed up now. But no where close to deserving a 5.0 rating.

Host is snotty.
1 results - showing 1 - 1