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North Carolina 99682
22 Jun-17 Jul and 18 Aug-30 Aug 15
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Stayed there twice this summer. First time we stayed in the lower section. Even with the staff cleaning the bathrooms daily the bathrooms were dingy and rusted. Bugs made it into the facilities quickly after cleaning. The staff was incredibly nice and helpful; very customer oriented. The hours of operation weren't very helpful but if a staff member was in the office on a closed day they opened the door and helped you. When we first got to Fayetteville we were a bit lost. One of the staff actually drove to the entrance of the rec area (2-3 miles) to wave us down as we drove by. Very helpful. The second time we stayed on the upper end of the area. This area has newer facilities; clean. The electricity went out one day, 90+ degrees outside. It took several hours for the tech came out for the fix. There seems to be some great water sports/ beach area at the rec area. We didn't use them but I saw people using a large water skiing machine. We were pretty close to the base and the BX/commissary facilities; both of which area very good. We will stay there again.
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