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Massachusetts 80517
Aug 9th to Aug.14th 2019
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We arrived on 8/9 and on way in saw a vacant site. At check in the person said they only had W/E and I told her about the site. 1st she said she hadn't checked them yet then she said she just gave it out so I took a W/E site. When hooking up I noticed the 50 Amp plug was upside-down. We checked the bathhouse and the men's shower were discussing. No one has cleaned the stalls with any cleaners because the walls had black dirt imbedded in the walls and floor. We checked the Laundry room and it has not been sweep or really cleaned in some time. Tried to find a camp host and no signs reflecting the host or who was on duty. The basic overall appearance of the park is very disappointing for an AF Famcamp. The place is seedy looking and the overall management of the park by military or civilian is very poor. We drove by the 1st vacant site noted in the beginning and on the 3rd day it was still vacant and that afternoon they called and offered it. I told her that was the same site we asked about 3 days ago and she had no answer. This tells me that no one checks the park daily for openings. No one checks each site after they leave because our spot was not, at least, blown off and the power switch was still on. My question still is, What does the Camp Host Do, just get paid? While there we noticed power flickering and on the 4th night power out and on and brownouts. Camper next to us experienced the same. Contacted the Office a person came and opened the main power box and said the breaker is rusted and they would call. We had no power and the fear of damage was to great so we let the CG early. This place should be shut down until they find proper management, camp host with job descriptions, the home build RVs removed (not NFPA Certified) unless the AF is willing to accept the risk of all damage. The poor quality of this Famcamp, its' management is a reflection of the poor quality leadership at the Senior Officer and Enlisted ranks. 
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