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7 - 14 Aug 17
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I know we just arrived yesterday, but my first impression of this location isn't outstanding. We've been here two days now and haven't seen a camp host or anyone from MWR yet. I drive a 41' fifth wheel, so the campground is difficult to maneuver through. The roads are tiny and there were several branches hanging too low both within and getting to the campground. We were looking for site 12, but MWR decided to change my spot from 12 to 9, which is no problem, but nobody ever informed me of the switch. After pulling into the campground, we found our site and backed in, as all sites are back in sites. At least half are crushed rock and weeds while the other half in the first loop are paved. I connected the water and flushed the hose. First indicator something was took almost a full minute for water to reach the other end of the hose. Water pressure is horrible on site. Our 50Amp outlet worked very well during our multi-meter check. No sewer connection, so we're conserving water. Got completely set up and we decided to check out the shower house. Toilets and urinals were procured from the Federal prison stock. They are stainless steel! Guess they didn't want anyone getting too comfortable on a porcelain stool with an actual toilet seat. Very odd. They have signs up asking for patience as they do repairs. Showers in the men's looked typical, but dirty. Women's side had an enormous hole in between the two available shower stalls. Assumption is the sexist opinion is women need to talk more than men, so they shortened the wall so women can chat when showering in adjoining stalls. Maybe this is one of the maintenance actions. Laundry room is decent with two each washers and dryers. Both washer and dryer are $1.00 to get started, and you can add $.25 for additional time on the dryers to reduce cost. We washed bed sheets already and the washer didn't do a great job. This campground could be a real gem because of the remote setting if they spent some time and money to add sewer, improve water pressure, add rock or upgrade to all asphalt sites, and upgrade the shower house and laundry facility. I just don't feel the amenities were worth the $130/week we paid compared to other military FAMCAMPs with FHU and nicer facilities.
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August 22, 2017
Paulikoe, We have begun filling in the blanks for our 2018 trip plan. Your review and the others posted on this website provide a lot of valuable information for which we are grateful. Our tentative travel plan is to travel westward on I-64 with a possible stop at Scott AFB for a few days. The information you and others provided makes us wonder if that is something we would want to do. Collectively, the reviews mention a lot of positive things but there seems to be a lot of room for improvement within the Fam Camp. We will keep Scott AFB in our trip plan for now, and look forward to other reviews with the hope that improvements are ongoing in the areas mentioned. The quality of MCG’s is important to travelers. We enjoyed your review.
May 22, 2019
Have you stayed in any National or Corps of Engineer parks? In Texas, Arkansas, Missouri or Kansas? Thanks for the pictures. except for the statement that they where dirty and had no attendants. What did you do to help clean up the rest room? From what I have seen this looks like most of the National parks and Corps of Engineer sites I have stayed in over the last 4 years. Thank you for your Review. Safe Camping.
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