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Feb. 21-27, 2020
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This was our first experience with a military campground. I am one of the newly eligible disabled vets. We went to the main gate and got registered for the base. I was given a photo ID and my husband was given a one day sponsored visitor pass. We were told that he would need to get a new pass each day. However, the personel at the campground told us they never check those after check in and not to worry unless we were going back to the main base. The commissary and exchange is located in a small plaza a few miles away and are not on the main base, so we did not have to get my husband a visitor pass when we shopped there. We went to the Naval Aviation Museum and the Lighthouse which are on the main base on a Sunday. We went through the main gate and I showed the photo ID that I was given. We expected to have to stop at the visitor center for a pass for my husband. But the guard waved us through. There are still a lot of bugs to work out on ID for the newly eligible Vets. But be patient and it will sort out. As for the campground--try to get in Battle Ship Row, especially if you have a big rig. Also, if you end up in Anchor Cove, follow the advice that some others have given--park your rig on the big concrete lot and walk into the park first. Find your spot and plan your route in carefully. Check for low overhead tree branches along the roads and your sight. Figure out how you are going to pull in or back in. We did not do that and it was a bit of a problem. Some have reported damage from overhead trees. We came in from the wrong angle. Also, you may need to pick up and move your picknic table out of the way. It wasn't the trees that got us, but the table jumped out and attacked our rig. Luckily only got a tiny dent on the fender flare. Thank goodness for diamond plate trim on lower camper sides. The camp ground was very beautiful and well maintained. Staff was friendly and helpful. Two laundry rooms are both located at Battle Ship Row. $1 to wash and $1 to dry. We even discovered that they have a pet washing room behind the newer laundry room at Battleship Row. We didn't need to give our doggie a bath while there, but will use it when we are back in the future. We plan to go back again and stay longer next time. Great introduction to military campgrounds.
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