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Colorado 80399
MAY 17 - JUNE 10 2018
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As said in previous reviews, this campground is not managed well and, having stayed here the past 7 years, I can say it never has been managed well. The Outdoor Rec people are kind and respectful, but they only manage the office. I have never seen them in the campground. That said, my overall opinion is that it is a nice place to stay, just don't have any expectations about campground management. We arrived in late May and departed on June 10. For the entire time, our motorhome has been invested with Miller Moths that invade during the night hours. On one particular bad night, we killed at least 75 to 80 moths. We tried scented deterrents and only helped a little and a pan of water under a light that killed about 25 each night. The campground is in the middle of a large open expanse of grassland. Miller Moths can be expected at this time and will last 3 to 4 weeks. Two days before our departure, our neighbor to our rear told us he saw a 3-foot snake crawl into our engine compartment. We opened the engine door and, sure enough, a large bull snake was coiled around the parts next to the engine. I started the engine and let it run for 20 minutes. I am hopeful he departed. Lastly, the contractors mowed the grass one time while we were here and the riding mower crew ran over our sewer hose that was clearly obvious. I can understand that mistakes are made. What irritated me is that the mower operator didn't have the decency to let us know it happened. We were inside our motor home when it happened and I didn't see it until I went to dump the black tank later in the day. 
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