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Camp San Luis Obispo RV Park
(Updated: August 20, 2016)
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April 13, 2014

camp SLO is one my favorite parks in the military circle. this week was flawed by two campers who used spaces 2 and 3 over the weekend. one was military his buddy in space 2 was a civilian who was sponsored on the base by his buddy in space 3. he obviously has never spent any time in a military campground and either didn't understand or didn't care much about how to conduct themselves in this kind of campground. they would go away all day and leave their blue heeler in the trailer and barked from the time they left till they came back, hours on end. they partied, drank beer and smoked till our trailer was permiated with cigarette smoke, till after midnight. when they finally left we had to go clean up all the piles of dog waste off the campsite that they didn't care enough to clean up. hopefully they won't be allowed to be sponsored on again, we have every intention of warning the billeting office about them. other than that, SLO is a really nice place to be if you are looking for peace and quiet. the staff is very good to deal with and the guards and MP's are a real good bunch. we do wish they would look into storing trailers, they have more than enough room.

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