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California 159937
June 30th, 2011
(Updated: September 06, 2011)
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THE ROAD IS FIXED AND YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO ENTER THROUGH THE SAN ONOFRE STATE PARK ENTRANCE!! California beach camping doesn't get any better than this if you like the beach at your doorstep. It's hard for me and my family to go any place else because it just doesn't compare. If you want a beach front site where you're literally on the beach or if you would rather be back off the beach a little, you have the choice (beach sites go fast). The bluff sites on top have spectacular views of the ocean as well. For as crowded as the facility gets because of its popularity, it's clean. I would rather tell everyone this is a horrible place to camp so it wouldn't be so hard to get in but I just can't. For peak times, you really do have to be right on it if you want a spot. It fills up fast in the summer and on holiday weekends. It's close to EVERYTHING if you want to make a day trip someplace in So. Cal. Commissary is right up the street and so is the exchange and the gas station. It's also close to freeway entrance to the 5 freeway. This is seriously the best military camping spot around if you love the beach. My only complaint is this- The reservation policy is ridiculous at times and very hard to get if you don't call the day you're allowed according to your military status. I hate that you're allowed to sponsor up to 3 spots. I feel this allows too many non-military folks to utilize the park which leaves no space available for the people it was designed for - MILITARY PERSONNEL AND THEIR FAMILIES. I would say 75% of the people in the park camping are not military and are there as a guest. So 2 out of 3 campsites are non military guest most of the time. I am guilty of using the sites for friends as well because you become everyone's best friend once they know you have access to such a great place to camp but we are always on site with them. I don't think they police this policy to make sure the host is actually there with the guest they check in. I would definitely support a change if they did decide to change this policy and allow 1 guest versus 2 like most other military camping facilities still do. This would free up the spots and make the awful task of getting a spot here a little easier. Also, a word to the folks who camp in tents and for those who throw up extra tents on their sites along with your RV. There is a 10 dollar per night fee for each additional tent. I think that is high. So if you have 5 tents on your site, the first one is the main tent and the other 4 you have to pay 10 bucks each for. That's an additional 40 buck per night for your site!!! Most people are not aware of that especially if you have all tents on your site. So, there you have it. I still love this place and go back every chance I get. Love it.
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