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Little Rock AFB FamCamp
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Sept 25 - Oct 2, 2014

Oct 1st price went up to $15. This campground is being used by active duty and there is a loud speaker that plays all of the catchy tunes from revellie around 7, chow, national anthem, taps. You are on a working Air Force Base, you will hear C-130s although with a fan on, I didn't hear them. "The Major" (Mike) is the camp host and a really nice guy. The Base Library is close by, and has great wi-fi, movies to loan, audio books, desktops, printers, newspapers, magazines etc. Base has a thrift store & fitness center. Lawns are mowed if sites aren't taken. Campground bathroom and laundry are clean but the natural wildlife (spiders) tends to make themselves at-home and they can be quite big, for those who do not care for them. Washer and Dryer are 1.25 each. Campground bathhouse has a code to use, there's a bathroom across the parking lot that are not coded that are also clean. Some of the sites out front are too close together. They are doing work in the area and word is on Jan 1st, the rest of the sewers are going in. This place just needs a small touch of TLC and the potential is big. Stayed in a motorhome and will stay again. small tip,...First Wed of every month, wine is 15% off at the Class 6 PX by the Airplanes on display. Alot of people were taking advantage of it. They do have other alcohol there too. More so than the big PX.

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